Welcome To Flight Structures

Flight Structures (UK) is an engineering consultancy firm in the civil and military aerospace industry providing structural analysis support for both customer design, development and certification of new aircraft and service support, upgrades and life extension of in-service aircraft. Although recognized as a leader in dynamic analysis of aircraft components, our area of expertise also include static stress, fatigue and damage tolerance, transient dynamic analysis, frequency response vibration and acoustic fatigue analyses of metallic and composites structures using a combination of detailed hand-calculation with legacy data sheets and finite element analysis methods.Over the last fifteen years, Flight Structures have provided analysis and test support expert services to a list of British and international clients including Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, SAFRAN Aircelle, Airbus and Spirit (Europe) Aerosystems.

Flight Structures have a team of highly skilled engineers available to discuss your specific design requirements and analysis needs to achieve a robust structure and ensure a faster route to product certification. Flight Strucutres is ISO9001 certified and all our analysis are performed to the highest quality standard using traceable and validated analysis tools, methods and allowables.